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Strong Core for Balance

A strong core, the muscles around your waist and spine, is key to develop a good sense of balance. Sure, some say that balance is affected by the inner ear, but years of training experience lead me to believe or trust in the core. I believe that if your lower body starts to wiggle, your mind is locked in uncertainty causing you to look down and lose balance. If however, your core muscles were strong, your lower body would be locked in and not cause the upper body or your mind to become distracted.

What happens below the waist should not affect the rest of the body above the waist.

Riding a bicycle is the No.1 option to learn balance on 2-wheels, failing that, the method below will, first of all, determine your balance abilities and also help develop a strong core in order to improve a good sense of balance. This will, therefore, speed up the process of and improve your ability to ride a scooter or motorcycle more effectively.

You’ll need:

  1. A willing participant
  2. Broomstick of approx. 80-100cm long
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