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Think Bike Western Cape

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About Us: Think Bike is a Section 21 Company run by volunteers, focused on creating a public awareness of motorcycles, scooters and bicycles on the road.  Around the middle of 2005, a number of bikers were using an online forum to discuss the alarming number of unnecessary motorcycle accidents; avoidable accidents caused by inattentiveness, ignorance, incompetence and failure to exercise
due care; not caused just by the motorcyclists, but by other road users as well. The Think Bike sticker campaign started by Tony Day of Cape Town in the eighties was discussed, and it was decided then and there to revive the campaign and expand on its goals and methods.

Thanks mainly to the dedication, hard work and leadership of the now deceased chairman, Brian Cannoo, the Think Bike Campaign now has in excess of 400 paid-up members, over 4000 forum contributors, dozens of sponsors and has to date distributed over 180 000 leaflets, over 160 000 bumper stickers, and reached literally thousands of motorcyclists and motorists with its message. The campaign, while strongest in Gauteng and the Western Cape, has representation in Mpumalanga, North West, Natal and the Free State.

It has dozens of trained marshals that assist with various events such as the 94.7 Classic Cycle race, The Argus Cycle Tour and is deeply involved in numerous other projects such as the annual Toy Run.

The campaign has a board of Directors and there are a number of Portfolio Heads that attend to the day to day running of Think Bike.

I head up the WC Region and can contacted
directly on the above email address.

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